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Our team brings talented clinicians and challenging career opportunities together to meet the changing face of healthcare.

For Physicians

More and more options are available to physicians of all specialties today. While the increasing physician shortage presents a challenge to healthcare in general, it provides physicians with an unlimited number of possibilities. Allowing oneself the opportunity to learn about new practice settings in perhaps new geographic areas is a great way to explore new steps.

Doing just that with an individual that understands some of the challenges physicians face today is even more important. West Chester Medical Staffing consultants do their best to anticipate questions you may have when looking at a new opportunity. We learn about our client’s requirements, the community location and offerings as if we were ourselves considering this opportunity. We also work to meet your scheduling needs and communication preferences.

Having worked with physicians in a number of settings, we understand how challenging a conversation during a busy day might be, so we encourage physicians to tell us their preference when they are available to talk.

    Advanced Practice Clinicians

    Today’s rapidly changing healthcare environment is a fertile ground for new opportunities for advanced practice clinicians. According to the American Association of PAs (AAPA) and the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, there are more than 115,000 PAs and 234,000 NPs in the U.S. Both roles are projected to grow at between 30-35% in the coming decades.

    APCs will play a huge role in alleviating the impacts of the physician shortage. In fact, the AAMC may amend estimates of physician shortages based on the increasing number or APCs in practice. Exploring the many options one has as an advanced practice provider with an experienced recruiter is invaluable to successful job transition. Looking not only at opportunity offerings, but also lifestyle considerations will make any transition easier.


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